2016 ISoP Innovation Award Winner

Lena Friberg

Dr. Lena Friberg is since 2014 a Professor of Pharmacometrics in the Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences at Uppsala University in Sweden. She holds a Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences and in 2003 she obtained a PhD from Uppsala University in Pharmacokinetics and Drug Therapy. During 2003-2005 she was a postdoc at University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, focusing on PK and PKPD of deliberate drug overdoses. Since her return to Uppsala University, where she became an Associate professor in 2007, her research has mainly focused on desired and unwanted effects of antibiotics and anticancer drugs, although PKPD-modeling in other therapeutic areas such as schizophrenia and rheumatoid arthritis has also been of interest and even in care plans https://essayslab.com/nursing-care-plan-for-self-care-deficit/
Currently, most of her research projects are related to development of PK and PKPD-models to be applied for translation of the time-course of drug effects from preclinical (in vitro and in vivo) to patients, from early to late clinical drug development and between different patient populations, ideally integrating models for both unwanted and desired effects. She has published over 90 peer-reviewed research articles and book chapters in the field of PK and PKPD-modelling. She is currently supervising six PhD students, as well as postdocs and master students, and in addition to teaching PK and PKPD to undergraduate students she gives courses to professionals on PKPD using non-linear mixed effects modeling. In 2008 she received the Segré Prize from EUFEPS for “distinct research in the Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic area”. Since 2012 she is the deputy Editor-in-chief of CPT: Pharmacometrics & Systems Pharmacology. She is also on the scientific and executive committees for PAGE and WCoP.

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